This site is an alternative to this one previously created and possibly already deleted by the admin. All the posts I will place here because it’s easier to maintain for me.


My name is Tomáš Dostál. I study Mendell grammar school in Opava (graduate year). I love programming, sometimes I do some graphics staff (barely) and I love photography. What else to add…

I would like to introduce you an medical data viever I’ve developed – “MedicalApp”.

This app allows you to view data from CT / MRI on your mobile phone / any other device supported by Unity3D engine. VTK (visualisation toolkit) libraries are used in this project. In general we can say that from 2D slices it creates a 3D model based on specific parameters. There is also an ability to convert this staff to common formats like OBJ.

The thought of this project was to open up medical data to pacients in the way corresponding to the reality that we’re in 21st century. Data is tranmitted/stored on Google drive. It is a big progress if I consider, that at the moment medical data from a doctor to a patient comes on CD or something similarf from “stone age”. It takes less tim and saves the environment (because no CDs are used in this technology anymore).

However, this app is [deprecated] at the moment, since most of technology used (e.g. shortener is cutted off, Google sniffs in every file uploaded to their cloud and also there are some problems with legislation)

The user can view, zoom and rotate zhe 3D model and optionally print it on a 3D printer.

I wrote a SOČ – it is a kind of very precise competition and in the national round I placed on 4th place. You can download the work here.

Application is deprecated, development was stopped, I do not have time to maintain it.